Delivery Policy

Thank you for visiting and shopping at PROJECT06. Following are the terms and
conditions that constitute our Delivery Policy.

Delivery Time


  • 8am-11am (Breakfast)
  • 12pm-2pm (Lunch)
  • 5pm-7pm (Dinner)

Delivery processing time

All orders are processed within 12 hours after purchase. Orders are shipped and delivered on weekends or holidays. Orders that are made before 6pm will be sent on the next day at the time that our customer has given. Orders the are made after 6pm will be sent in 2 days time at the time that our customer has given.

Delivery Rates.

Delivery charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

Subang Jaya47630, 47620, 47610, 47601, 47600, 475005
Putra Heights40400,476506
Shah Alam47200, 47000, 42450, 41460, 41050, 40470, 40460, 40450, 40300, 40200, 401007
Petaling Jaya40150, 46000, 60000, 59200, 52200, 47800, 47410, 47400, 47310, 47301, 47300, 46400, 46350, 46300, 46200, 46150, 46100, 460508
**Minimum order RM30.
Delivery delays can occasionally occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

Delivery Methods

All delivery will be sent by us using motorcycles or cars depending on the volume of orders and weather.

Refund and Return Policy

Our Refund & Return Policy provides detailed information about options and procedures for
returning your order.

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